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Adler Tours & Safaris mission to give back:

Adler Tours is always looking for opportunities to give back to the local communities in India, East Africa and other parts of the world. At Adler Tours, we believe that responsible travel is a means of not only experiencing other cultures, but supporting these destinations and sustaining their environments and communities. Adler Tours employs only local expert guides and local personalities who are equally committed to their communities and the quality of the client’s experience. By using local guides, Adler Tour’s clients receive firsthand knowledge of the communities and are able to truly interact with the locals.

Adler Tour’s  ‘Give Back’ Programs

Adler Tours offers several different opportunities for their clients to give back to the communities they visit in ways that are most needed in the region.

The new ‘Give Back to Gir Forest’ program brings each Adler Tour’s client to the Gir Forest. Here clients have the unique opportunity to support the local community of  Maldharis (Local Cowherds). In Gir Forest  clients are given a tree that they can plant in order to help the ongoing reforestation process in Gir Forest. If the client does not have the ability to plant the tree on their own, a member of the Adler Tours team will do so for them. During their visit in Gir Forest, clients will enjoy pure Vegetarian lunch at a charming “Ness” - a local Cowherd Residence consisting of Millet Bread, Vegetarian Black Lentil Curry with garlic and  jaggery along with pure  butter.  The money the clients spend at lunch is put directly back into the community in order to complete projects such as: Gir Forest cleanup, environmental education and training on leaving and protecting wildlife’s like lions, leopards, Antelopes etc. and assisting the continued reforestation and protection process of the Gir Forest in Gujarat, India.

If the client wishes to stay longer in the village Adler Tours can arrange other volunteer opportunities such as working in the local organic gardens or participating in the regional education programs. Volunteer opportunities range depending on the clients interests and the needs of the community at the time of the visit. For example, clients who wish to work in a local school will be provided a list by Adler Tours of what the school needs specifically at that time. Client wanting to help construct new houses will receive an individualized budget that stays within the client’s means; Adler Tours will arrange the logistics at that time.

Adler Tour’s clients visiting Rajkot, Gujarat, India, we can arrange for visits to local schools and communities brining donations that are requested directly from the community. “Things we take for granted like pencil sharpeners, colored pencils, and erasers can be a treasure for a child from a local village”, says Neeta Rawal, co-founder of Adler Tours. “I remember once seeing a group of kids happily playing with a bicycle with only one tire. The village is a two days walk from the nearest town so a new tire is not something you just run out and get.”

All of Adler Tour’s volunteer efforts work to support the areas of the community that need assistance. Adler Tours works hard to ensure that its volunteer efforts do not diminish the community or take away any jobs from the locals

If your soul has stirred and your heart wants you to be a part with these NGOs, we could suggest ways to support the NGO of your choice. Just identify which area and the quantum of remuneration you wish to make the difference and we will help / suggest the appropriate gift.

We would love for you to see what we are doing.  Ask us to include one of our efforts during your visit to India. 

The options for earning 'karma' during your next trip to India are as under :-

Volunteer your time and skills for as little as a day. Enjoy the warmth and goodwill of the NGO and leave back your own footprint in the lives of children or animals. Your skills and attitude may subsequently be the transformation to emulate and achieve in a young impressionable heart.

Spend a little time at our NGOs. Feel the bonhomie and pleasure of interacting with superbly trained and dedicated staff and equally zestful children. Share an event at 'kite flying festival', Sweets and fire crackers at festival of lights –“Dipawali”, Christmas and World –National Handicap Day Celebrations or just a hug / handshake. Feel the vibes of friendship and happiness flow through your soul. We are sure you will come back for more.

The annual education of a less privileged child, transportation to school and back home, hygienic light lunch, individual and group birthday celebrations, educational training tours and picnics, Exercise and keep fit program and participation in District and State level Sporting events,

Medical Check-up and Treatment, Cultural and Leisure Activities and so much more. Carry back their photograph and bio-data. Form a lifelong association of mutual love and compassion.

Contribute to hiring, expansions, additions and other miscellaneous repair and maintenance of the NGOs buildings and infrastructure thereby ensuring safe and assured shelters for the children.

As a Group or individually, gift IT, audio, video, skill improvement or medical equipments and accessories and much, much more.

Visit an NGO skills workshop and thereafter any of its sale counters and buy a few greeting cards, candles, incense sticks and knick-knacks or any of the miscellaneous items on display and in doing so, indirectly buy the self confidence and pride of a special or underprivileged child who will be paid for the fruit of this labor.

Carry back the NGO brochures in addition to your memories of an Indian holiday, Spread the word amongst your families, friends and colleagues. Become an offshore fund raiser and well wisher forever and gain the blessings of those you touched constantly.

We are committed to ensure that your gift is judiciously and responsibly used. As the bridge between you and our NGOs, it is our assurance that our NGOs are all grassroots level and are scanned thoroughly for dedicated, honest work with the under-privileged, before we form affiliations.


The Society for the Mentally Retarded, Rajkotis established in 1983 for the noble cause of attending mentally challenged to live gracefully in the society.  The institute is situated in Rajkot, Gujarat (INDIA) having their own building in the freehold land of 3,000 sq. mtrs acquired from Govt. of Gujarat, India in 1997.

The society is conducting following activities:-

(School for Mentally Retarded)

Non-residential school for children between age of 5 to 14 years.  They are trained for daily activities,  identification and education upto their capacity.

(Adult Training Centre)

Pre-Voctional and Vocational Training for Ladies and Gents in the age group of 15 to 35 years.  They are trained in the activities of manufacture of Candles,  Handicrafts,  Book Binding etc.,  depending upon their capacity.

Centre for Multiple Handicapped for their individual training at school and at home.

To help the School and such Mentally Challenged Children, the Institute has planned to introduce scheme for sponsoring children with learning difficulty.


Sponsorship Programme for Special needs children

There are more then 100 beneficiaries at present being attended by the Institute.  Fund is needed to attend, educate and cater every individual in following activities:-

    Educational Activities - Reading,  writing, money time, pre-vocational etc. and also ADL (Activities for daily living).

    Transportation – Home to School and back.

    Hygienic light Lunch and other seasonal food.

    Individual and group birthday celebration.

    Frequent educational training Tours and Picnics.

    Exercise and keep fit programm and participation in District, State and National level Sports.

    Medical check-up and treatment.

    Festival celebration like Holi, Diwali, Christmas and World & National Handicapped Day.

    Cultural and Leisure activities.

Photograph and full details of sponsored children will be provided on receipt of contribution followed by annual progress report.  Your whole hearted co-operation to contribute is very much solicited. We can also arrange for visit to our organization. Please contact your Travel Agent – Adler Tours & Safaris on

PERIOD                  (£)                 ($)              (In Rs.)

Half Year             50.00            90.00             4,000

One Year             100.00           180.00            7,500

Two Years           190.00           325.00           13,500

Three Years        280.00           485.00           20,000

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