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Hi Jimmiybhai,

Both and Janet are doing fine. 
We truly enjoyed our holiday in India and truly appreciate all your help.  You and your son were very efficient and honest.  We would be very pleased to seek your help with our travels around India.  I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Adler Tours & Safaris for affordable and enjoyable travels.
Will be in touch with you soon,

Vasant A Chotai
Mrs. Janet & Mr. Vasant Chotai from Canada visited Feb. 2014 
Visiting - Sasan Gir, Velavadar National park and Palitana 


Hi Jeet


Saurashtra and Kutch  15 dayTrip Feedback

My wife and I have just returned from a 15 day tour of West Gujarat and are very satisfied with the services provided by Adler Tours & Safaris, Rajkot. This was a private tour; Adler Tours provided the land transportation and handled all our hotel reservations. Our driver, Amitbhai  was very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and professional and we felt very safe in his care. Our special thanks to him. The car was relatively new and was kept spotlessly  clean by the driver throughout the tour.  On daily basis (some time twice a day) Adler Tours & Safaris via cell phone made sure that  we did not have any problems either with the hotel or transportation. While we were in Rajkot Jimmy and Meet Rawal (part of Adler Tours & Safaris management team)  came to see us at the hotel.  They wanted to make sure we were having a great time and to ensure that we were not facing any concerns/problems.

Adler Travels helped us put the Itinerary together and subsequently handled all hotel Bookings.

All in all we were very happy with Adler Tours & Safaris  and did cover all the sights we wanted to cover in Saurashtra and Kutch.   We would not hesitate to recommend this Tour company to anyone who is planning to make such a trip.  Well done Adler Tours & Safaris.

Dr Suryakant and Jayshree Patel, UK
Travelled with us on 07th to 21st January, 2014 – Saurashtra & Kutch


Dear Mr.Rawal!

We are now back from warm and friendly India to cold Central Europe.

Our feedback:

We would travel inmediatley to Kerala again. It´s „God`s own country“ and an excelent winter destination.

The Coconut Lagoon is an excellent hotel, perfect service and very good transfer.

The gateway Hotel in Mumbai has an excellent pool/garden area with the connected club.

One remark: we travelled with two little children. It is difficult to find something not spicey (really not spicey) fort them for meal.

Our overall rating fort he tour is, that we would do it again inmediately with Adlertours!

Until soon, our best regards to Rajkot (excellent for shopping, much better than Dubai!!!), from Austria,

Michael Häusler
Travelled with us on 02nd January to 07th January, 2014 – Kumarakom


Dear Jimmy & Jeet

We returned to London on 16th.Jan.2014 after spending two months in India.

Our trip to Kerala was exhilarating and exciting.

Your itinerary was well thought out. We were warmly welcomed at the hotels and the resort which we found neat and clean. The driver provided an excellent services.

Many thanks for providing very good service.

With best regards.

Vinod & Bhanu Raval
Travelled with us on 26th December, 2013 to 11th January, 2014 – Kerala


Sorry for the delay, we have not forgotten you!!! Please find below our feedback.

-Preparation of itinerary and handling of booking: 

Preparing the itinerary was a joint effort of Jeet, Jimmy and us. Jeet and Jimmy patiently accepted any change requests we had during this period and helped us with expert advice. All bookings were excellently handled by Jeet and Jimmy

-Follow up during our Tour:

Jeet and Jimmy provided excellent services during the tour. A Sim card plus travel itinerary with vouchers for hotels and trains was couriered to us within one hour after our arrival at our first hotel in India (which meant it was delivered at around midnight!). Jimmy followed up with us almost every day to check if everything was okay and if the arrangement were meeting our expectations. We literally could call Jimmy and his wife at any given hour of the day and they were at service to us!

- Transport Arrangement viz - Land Transportation

The transport arrangement was excellent. The drivers were well briefed of our itinerary (and some of the places we went to were very remote and not on the average tourist’s path) and knew how to get there. In at least one instance, Jeet had tested our proposed route with the driver before our arrival to make sure the driver knew how to find it. The drivers always picked us up on time, had mobile phones so we could contact them and were skillful, friendly and patient drivers.

The car travel in Bihar turned out to be more difficult than expected. This was mainly due to poor roads and twice due to unexplained blockages of roads. Therefore, we arrived at some destinations later than planned and had to skip places we wanted to see. In one instance, we could have left earlier in the morning to cover the distance we had planned, but arrived too late. This happened almost at the end of our tour reminding us that in India you always have to expect the unexpected.

- Meet and Greet Services at various destinations including Guide Services

The Meet and Greet Services were very good. When we went by train, we were sent text messages with name, car number plate and mobile phone number of the driver who would meet us on arrival. On the occasions where we also had a Guide coming with us, the Guide was knowledgeable and had good English language skills. Every driver was very helpful in ‘pointing us into the right direction’, even helping us when we were looking for specific shops, including negotiating prices at street vendors’ stalls.

- Standard of Hotel Accommodation at various destinations and the standard of Breakfasts

The hotel accommodation was at the expected standard (One sub-standard exception on our first night in Patna - very tired interior and furniture, not very clean). The Government run hotels were simple, but very clean. The more upmarket accommodation was stylish and charming, particularly in Gujarat. Staff at all hotels were very helpful and provided good services. We especially appreciated that every hotel (through Jimmy’s pre-arrangements) provided us with room heaters during the last two weeks when it was fairly cold.

- Sight Seeing Experience

The places we went to were amazing. Not to mention the lions in Gir National Park! We went to many beautiful places (e.g. Elephanta Caves, Ajanta, Ellora, Sanchi, Champaner, Palitana, Sana Caves, Somnath, Modhera,Varanasi, Sarnath,  Bodhgaya, Gupta Hill, Rajgir, Nalanda, Kushinagara), but we particularly enjoyed driving through rural India and seeing its beauty!

- Your Overall rating of the Tour

The tour was excellent and this was largely due to the time Jeet and Jimmy had put in during the planning and preparation of the tour (checking out places we wanted to see!) and the continuous excellent service provided once we had arrived in India.

A few remarks on our Gujarat-experience:

Quality of hotels:

Jambughoda: the rooms were simple and charming, but a bit of renovating would certainly be welcome. The food was excellent. The location was really pleasant.

Palitana: The rooms were similar to the ones at Jambughoda, but the overall standard was higher. The food was a bit boring, but the location superb.

Gir NP: the rooms were a bit tired and the food rather boring. The location was very nice.

Junagadh: Nice, clean new hotel - well managed and an excellent restaurant.

Ahmedabad: House of MG was really nice and the restaurant outstanding.


Champaner and Pavagadh: Champaner was very impressive, well kept, impeccably clean and to our surprise almost empty of tourists and therefore very quiet

Pavagadh was almost the complete opposite: very dirty (actually one of the dirtiest places we went to - even the ghats in Varanasi are cleaned every morning!), full of very friendly people - the shrines on the way up looked all a bit tired, but the temple on top was very nice and inviting and surprisingly for us even we foreigners were allowed to enter. 

Palitana: one of our loveliest experiences of the whole tour: beautiful landscape, absolutely amazing temples, absolutely clean and invariably friendly people.

The Buddhist cave temples: they cannot be compared with the ones in Maharashtra neither in size nor regarding their artwork, but we were very impressed by the ones in Junagadh and especially by the Sana caves.

Sylvia and Haralad
Travelled with us on 20th December, 2013 to 17th January, 2014 – (Buddhist Circuit) MumbaiAurangabad Bhopa - Sanchi -Gujarat -Varanasi -Bodhgaya- Kolkatta

Dear jimmybhai  All was to our expectation including hotel guide,transport. Etc. our special thnx to meet for excellent follow up and promptreponse to our querries at all times. Ps. Keep it up! Will suggest to others too.

Mr. Shantilal Raja
Travelled with us on 3rd December to 6th December, 2013 – Agra, Delhi - India



My husband and I just wanted to say thank you very much for honeymoon package at the Taj Resort in Sasan Gir.  The hotel was amazing and the staff was even better - we also really enjoyed the safari that was included in the package.. we saw 5 lions along with many other animals within the jungle!
Thanks again for another amazing vacation!  We look forward to booking more vacations through you in the future!
Erika & Saumil
Travelled with us on 16th November to 19th November, 2013 – Sasan Gir, Gujarat - India
Dear Jimibhai/Jit

First of all sorry for delay in feedback as I was busy to handle post tour backload work.
It was a pleasant and memorable African Safari experience.
It was a hassleFree tour.
All arrangement were done to make our holidays and safaris memorable. We sighted plenty 0f games during game drive. All the lodges were excellent ,food was very nice too. Eventhough we missed Indian food a lot.
Drivers cum guides were Quite kn owledgebale and courteous too

Dr. Snehal Pandya.
Amreli, Gujarat , India
Travelled with us on 29th October to 05th November, 2013 – Kenya Safari

Dear Sirs,

I and my family realy enjoyed the trip to Gujarat. 

  1. The preparation of itinerary was excellent. The handling and booking of the hotels was good and the followup during the tour was prompt.
  2. The vehicle arranged for our transportation was good and convenient to travel and we enjoyed the travelling.
  3. Through Mr. Amit was not able to converse in Tamil he guided us well and showed all the important palces in Gujarat.
  4. All hotels booked were excellent and the best was Orchard Palace in Gondal. It was spacious and enjoyed my stay there. Next comes the Goverdhan Green in Dwarka. Hotel Amidhara in Sasan Gir, the hospitality given by them was good and the food was good.
  5. We had a good time in sight seeing in Gujarat.
  6. Overall rating for my tour would 9 out of 10 which is the best ever tour operator I have experienced. I wish to travel with your company to all tourist places.

Thanking You
Chellam Pandian
Tamilnadu, India
Travelled with us on 08th October to 14th October, 2013 - Saurastra Tour, Gujarat, India


Dear Jimmy,

We had great apprehensions before going to Africa, with a group of 18, where the average age was 70 years, with the youngest being 49 years. We had therefore requested an itinerary which would allow some relaxation. YOUR PLANNING WAS PERFECT. 10/10.

The hotels you recommended were beautiful. Starting at Nairobi, EKA Hotel is great to stay. I suggest you keep the lunches at Haandi only, it is the best and closest to EKA.

All the subsequent Resorts: MARA RIVER LODGE, LOBO WILD LIFE LODGE, SERONERA WILDLIFE LODGE,NGORONGORO WILD LIFE LODGE, MANIYARA WILDLIFE LODGE, KILMA/MADA SAFARI CAMP  were just superb with superb food and rooms with a view of the JUNGLE.   Score 10/10.

Vehicles in Kenya were the Nissan Urvans, We had 4 of them all the time, with 4 drivers cum guides.  The drivers cum guides stole our hearts with their courtesy, patience, kindness and thorough knowledge of the jungle flora and fauna. Watching the MIGRATION at Masai Mara was out of the world experience.   Drivers 10/10, Vehicles 8/10.

Vehicles in Tanzania were Land Cruisers and in excellent condition. 10/10

Drivers cum Guides were also courteous, kind and knowledgeable note needs to be made for BB John, for his keen sense of humour and along with Ken, Abdul and Tim for modesty and honesty. We had a great time sighting the wild animals, and our group was  rewarded with some unusual sights. And we on our part, also rewarded all drivers amply. I hope you also take their opinion about groups they take on safaris. Drivers 10/10. Vehicles 10/10.

The sight seeing was just fabulous, Jeet and Meet became part of our family and were of great help.

Overall, it was a value for money trip. Hassle free, enjoyable and inspite of the Nairobi airport disaster, a great flight both ways.

RATED OVERALL by the whole group 10/10.

I have already recommended your agency to many of my friends, and ofcourse I will travel with you again to Serengati especially, south side for camping...!!

I will forward you the pics as soon as i have downloaded them.

Thank you  for everything.


Dr. Uday Andar
Consultant Neurosurgeon
Bombay Hospital & Bhatia Hospital & Wadia Childrens' Hospital,, MUMBAI. INDIA
Travelled with us on 2nd August, 2013 – Kenya and Tanzania Safari

Dear Jimmy,
By now,you must have got the feedback from the rest of the group about how fabulous the Safari turned out to be. We had good weather, wonderful drivers, and the great good luck of being able to observe aspects of wild life behaviour not easily seen. It was very enjoyable indeed. Meet was very attentive and efficient.
We are still in Europe till the 21st, when we will go back to Seattle.
Once again, thank you for a very nice experience.
Ramesh Gangolli
Seattle, USA
Travelled with us on 2nd August, 2013 – Kenya & Tanzania Safari

Hi Jimmy!

Thnx for your regards .The entire arrangements on air and ground were  very much to our satisfaction. The drivers and guides were very cooperative and lodges were excellent ,and any deficiences in service were  amply made up for by Meet and Jeet who endeared themselves to the entire group.

Wishing you all the very best,
Ajit ,Neena
Travelled with us on 2nd August, 2013 – Kenya and Tanzania Safari

Dear Mrs Neeta Rawal.                                                                                                                      

The tour was very memorable ,we enjoyed it very much .All the arrangements were very good ,hotel accommodation too was very good .

All the drivers cum guides were very well behaved ,educated ,knowledgeable & helpful .

We had no problems anywhere .

Jeet & Meet were good company & took care of us .We want to thank you all for this tour .

Sharad Upponi
Travelled with us on 2nd August, 2013 – Kenya and Tanzania Safari

Dear Jimmy,

Our feedback on the Safari to Masaai Mara courtesy Adler Tours & Safaris .

·         Preparation of Itinerary and handling of Booking and subsequent follow up during the Tour : Absolutely adequate.
·         Transport Arrangement : We used the Transport from Hotel onwards . The arrangements were flawless.
·         Meet and Greet Services at various destinations including Guide Services : Perfect ; Yusuf our Driver – cum – Guide  is not just a safe and    courteous driver , he knows all that one ought to know about Masaai Mara and the animals. To top it all , a perfect gentleman – patient and always willing to help with  a ready smile. Great guy.
·         Standard of Hotel Accommodation at various destinations and the standard of Breakfasts : Keekorok Lodge is just the right place. Need not look elsewhere.  They could improve the Indian Vegetarian dishes by cooking sufficiently – Peas and Chana were under-cooked / hard.
·         Sight Seeing Experience : Splendid . We managed to see four out of the Big Five and a host of other animals and birds.
·         Your Overall rating of the Tour : Excellent .....9/10 ....keep it up.

We would love to go yet again with you.

As desired I am attaching a few photographs. More follow with the next Mail.

Warm regards

Brig. Abhay Bhargava
Travelled with us on 12th June, 2013 to Masai Mara,Kenya



Dear Jimmy,

Thanks for care and concern.

As regards our feedback of tour, I mention my reply point wise as under:

-  Preparation of your Itinerary and handling of Booking and subsequent follow up during your Tour:  Preparation and follow up of itinerary by you     was excellent.

- Transport Arrangement viz - Flight and Land Transportation: flight arrangement was very good and well in time.

- Meet and Greet Services at various destinations including Guide Services: Meet and greet services was fair. Guide services were provided at     some specialized spot like Rome and Vatican City. However, the Tour Manager, Mr. Dinshaw was excellent. He was versatile. He entertained     us with his immense skill of tour guide, his sense of humor, helping nature and kind person. He is  also a great entertainer in singing and         playing musical instrument like mouth organ. 

- Standard of Hotel Accommodation at various destinations and the standard of Breakfasts: Hotel accommodation was fair and good barring        two places one at Hotel Tuscany and Novotel Paris. Breakfast can be considered reasonable and lunch and dinner can be considered good.      However, recommendation should be made through you about providing some variety in vegetables as more often pees and cheese were          used and similarly puri was repeated frequently.

- Sight Seeing Experience: excellent.

- Your Overall rating of the Tour: It is of course, good option to travel to Europe. Looking to the overall aspects, I recommend Adler Tours & Safaris Pvt. Ltd.

Kishore Dave
Travelled with us on 27th May,2013 to UK


Dear Sirs,

We have returned to our base - Coimbatore after our tour of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

This is to inform you that we are happy with the itinerary you prepared  for our Gujarat tour and also generally the arrangements you had made.  If there were any lacunae either in the accommodation or generally on the tour itself, it is not related to your arrangements.

Thanks & Regards,
Radhakrishnan. P
Travelled with us 7th May,2013 to Saurashtra, India

Hi Jeet,

Trust you all are well.

Sorry could not get back to you earlier as have been very busy with work.

We had a fabulous time during our stay in India especially Goa was just too good. The staff at Lazy Lagoon were very good and were compliant with all my requests. We also had a great time in Rajkot. The hotel was very nice and the staff members were good just that the food was average and very spicy. As for Ahmedabad, I will not recommend anyone to stay at Shanti Apartments as the staff members are very incompetent and rude. Did not like the ambiance as well but anyhow we had a great time in Udaipur, hotel Ramada is highly recommendable to stay in. The hotel  with its facilities and food was excellent. My overall stay in India was great and wish to thank you all "Adler Tours and Safaris" for the splendid guidance and help we had during our stay in India.

Jeet, I would specially like to thank you for all your support and help during my stay in India. Thank you very much and looking forward with dealing with you in future.

Regards to all,
Take care.
Nairobi, Kenya
Travelled with us on 24th March,2013 to Goa, Rajkot, Ahmedabad - India


Hi Jeet

Hope everything is fine at your end & we thank you very much for organizing our tour to Rajesthan.

All aspects of our trip including Hotel accomodation, siteseeing, Guide, Driver, Food were excellent. This trip gave us the over view of  the splendour of Rajesthan.

Since we have come back we can't stop talking to our friends how wonderful our trip was.

we will send photos as soon as we will put on our computer.

Once again thank you very much.

Take care.

Indra & Saroj
Travelled with us on 23rd Janyuary, 2013 to Rajasthan - India



Dear Jeet,

As for our experience with Adler Tours, we could not have asked for anything better.  All the preparation of the itinerary  including tweaking of details as we made minor changes, was superb.  And whenever issues arose once we were in India regarding transportation (due to weather, not to anything Adler did), you or your associates were always there to handle the problems.  We were always treated with respect, and our questions answered clearly and helpfully.  The Vodafones provided were very convenient.

The transport arrangements were smooth, and representatives were always on time to meet us at every destination.  They went out of their way to make sure we did not get lost or waylaid by ambitious porters at train stations, etc.  

The guide services were excellent.  The guides we had in Delhi, Jaipur, and Haridwar were superb.  They knew the areas well, and were fluent in English and the regional languages, and often knew the people in the markets, etc. They allowed us to see what we wanted to see--we set the day's agenda, not they, which we truly appreciated.   

Hotel accommodations and breakfasts were excellent.  It was a bit chilly in hotel lobbies as there is no overall heating (understandbale, and we were fully prepared for that), but rooms were comfortably warm and the dining rooms as well except for the one in Dehli at the Mapple.  But we have traveled a lot and know you just have to be flexible, so we ate in the dining room with our skull caps on.  Not a big deal.  And we understand that there was an exceptional cold wave that encompassed much of north India during the first several days of our trip.  

As indicated above, the guides were great, so the sight-seeing was exactly what we wanted--flexibility so we could add or subtract what we wanted to see, and what our energy permitted.  

Overall rating of tour services:  A+  I would use your services again without hesitation. 

C. Mackenzie Brown, Ph.D.

Department of Religion, Trinity University

One Trinity Place

San Antonio, Texas 78212

Travelled with us on 30th December, 2012 to Delhi, Jaipur, Hridwar, Chandigarh - India



Just wanted to email and thank you for organising our holiday.

Even with the missed flight your organisation was brilliant as well as charming and helpful representatives throughout. The hotels you chose were perfect and we all had an amazing time. 2013 its DELHI !!!

I will definitely be recommending you to my friends

A big thank you

Travelled with us on 19th December, 2011 to Kerala, Goa, Mumbai - India


Dear Jimmybhai,

We are back from our tour  of  Goa arranged by you ,  we all four families had a very wonderful time.  We all enjoyed very much and  have  no complaints only due to your good organised tour, when we reached the airport the car was ready for pick up & the hotel Holiday Inn in Goa is very good & the One half day sight-seeing tour of Mangeshi Temple, Old Goa Church by A/C coach, followed by a boat cruise on the Mandovi River  was a good experience. Over all we enjoyed our holiday with full of relaxation. I once again thanking you for giving such a nice holiday & we are 100 % satisfied .

Once again we had a very good Holiday enjoyment, arranged by you.

Last year in Oct 2010, we also had nice experience in Darjeeling and Sikkim tour, arranged by you.


Dr. Vipul Desai
Travelled with us on 24th Oct, 2011to Goa - India


Dear Jimmy,

Stay in M.P. tourism resorts and hotel was very pleasant experience. particularly bargi dam was very nice for peace full stay. service given was excellent. very well organized tour. vehicle provided for internal travelling was very good and up to mark. except for travelling by train in 3 tier A.C. very well managed tour.

Dr. Sandeep Nandani
Travelled with us on 24th October,2011 to Madhya Pradesh - India



This summer may, 2011, I had gone for Sikkim and Kolkatta tour. This tour was completely planned and all the arrangements were made by ADLER TOURS & SAFARIS PVT. LTD. We had one of the best holidays possible, selection of hotels, vehicles, service personnel was really good. We did not want a very expensive holidays and that is what we got, a personalize services, deluxe hotels that too a very average rates that is probably  is the strengths of Jimmybhai (Mahendra Rawal).

Again thank you very much Jimmybhai for making this holidays a memorable. I am sure my nest tour is by ADLER TOURS & SAFARIS PVT. LTD.

Dr. Nishith Sanghvi
Travelled with us on May,2011 to  Sikkim and Kolkatta - India



Dear Jimmy ,Neeta , Jeet,

This is to thank you all for your efforts been put into during my stay in India. My entire package was fantastic and had no problems at any of the hotels.The driver - Lohit was absolutely friendly and had no complaints with him either. Overall expereince was good.

We all liked Goa alot, thought that in my next India tour I shall spend more time in Goa.

Mumbai as usual was good and Dilipbhai picked me up on time. After checking in the hotel we decided to go for sight seeing that evening . The following day we hired dilipbhai for the entire day and did lots of more sightseeing and shopping.

Still feel a bit jet-legged but i guess it will go soon.

Once again, Thank you very much and it will always be a very memorable trip for us.

Regards to all.

Nairobi, Kenya
Travelled with us on 20th December, 2010 to Banglore, Mysore, Ooty, Coorg, Goa and Mumbai - India


Dear Jimmy

Please accept  my apologies for the delay in giving you the feedback.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour of Nepal, New Delhi, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Amritsar and Haridwar.  You were excellent in all the things as mentioned by you.  

I will certainly recommend you to all our friends and relations in future.

Please keep in touch.

Kind regards

Kundan & C B Ruparell,
Traveled with us on 18th Nov. 2010 to Kathmandu, Nepal, New Delhi, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Amritsar and Haridwar - India.


Dear Jimmybhai,

Hi, We are back from our tour arranged by you ,it was very wonderfull expirence we all enjoyed very much especially my mom & my kids they dint had any complaints only due to your good organised tour, when we reached the airport the car was ready for us & the hotels were very good & the iteneary suggested by you was perfect Over all  we enjoyed tour with full of relaxation. I dint got any problem even though it was privetly arranged .

I once again thanking you for giving such a nice tour & we are 100 % setisfied . Here in attech file are some photos of our tour

Rinku Bhayani
Hariom Packaging
Travelled with us on 19th May,2010 to Thailand - Singapore


Dear Jimmybhai and Jeet

We wanted to thank you both for  all your help with our travel arrangements during our stay in India.

Everything was organized extremely well for us which made our stay so  much more enjoyable.

The Imperial Palace Hotel in Rajkot is an excellent hotel with friendly and helpful staff. The package to Udaipur with stay at HRH Shikarbadi Hotel was also excellent and I would  like to make special mention of our driver Mr. Bhaskar who is a very professional and dependable man. And finally our hotel in Mumbai, The Emerald in Juhu Area was well positioned and was a very large 1 bedroom apartment.

It was great to meet you and are all very welcome to come and stay with us in either Muscat or Melbourne in the future.


Melissa, Bhaven, Dhilan and Anika
Melbourne, Australia
Travelled with us 15th December,2009 to Udaipur, Rajasthan - India


Dear Jimmy,

Thank you for arranging such a beautiful tour.

We arrived back home on 14th late at night after a 10 hr flight from London. 

After we left Rajkot, the drive to Abu was interesting.  Dharmesh is a good driver and a very reliable chap. Abu was interesting and the hotel Jaipur House was very nice. We enjoyed the stay there. The service was nice and the food was good.

Drive to Ahmedabad was uneventful. We liked the Comfort Inn, the staff is helpful and the rooms are comfortable. Dharmesh came and dropped us off at the airport.

After the wedding in Delhi, our car arrived on time to take us to Agra. Howard Park Plaza hotel was nice and the food was quite nice.  The driver was young, but helpful.  We enjoyed the Agra Fort and the visit to the Taj Mahal. Nutan will send you the photos of Agra and Abu soon. 

Jimmy I want to thank very much for planning our trip so well. Our love to Nita and the boys.

Thanks again and we hope to see you here in Florida someday.

Best wishes,

Nutan & Chandu Dave
Florida, U.S.A
Traveled with us on 20th March, 2009 to Rajkot, Mt.Abu, Delhi, Agra and Jaipur - India



Dear Jimmy,

For our family wherein I am a Cardiologist, My wife Dr. Vibha Dave an ophthalmologist and our daughter Rutvi Dave a 2nd MBBS medical student vacation is very precious and always long awaited.

This vacation we planned to explore China's important destinations We were looking out for complete personal tour and not a group tour. We wanted our own chauffer driven car English speaking tour guide, 4-5 star luxury hotel, lovely sightseeing,  No do's and don’ts, No time barriers in the places which we liked and most important of all was Complete vegetarian food while on board and while in China. We had lots of apprehension about china tour as it is culturally different and food and communication are major issues there. I contacted Mr. Jimmy Rawal of Adler Tours & Safaris and it was beyond our expectation that China tour became one of the most fabulous and memorable tour.

In fact I gained 3 Kg weight while in China and my complain to Adler when I returned was that "You looked after us very well to the tune that it
increased our waist line."  Can anyone imagine eating lovely south and north Indian food in China?  That too in class hotels.  We had all the time in the world to explore each destination we went to. Our guides would move with us even till 11 in the night anywhere and everywhere as we demanded. In fact we never felt that we were foreigner in China as hospitability offered was immense. I had to manage nothing. In fact our host even accompanied us and helped us check in through at airport while we were leaving China. We were received very well and words shall fall short to praise all hospitability offered.

The tour cost was also absolutely reasonable I must thank Mr. Jimmy Rawal who was cool, had foresight, guided us as to how to do shopping in China and many more personal details and guidelines which are very important when you visit any foreign country. I look forward to plan other destinations of the world when I plan my next vacation through Adler Tours & Safaris !!

Dr.Gautam Dave
Cardiologist, Rajkot, India
Travelled with us 22nd Dec., 2007 to Bejing, Shanghai, Xian - China



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